Anton (2014).


Anton is my graduation film. Together with the crew and cast, I worked on this film for more than a year in 2013 and 2014. We aimed to tell a universal story about the first experiences of powerlessness as a child.

The lead character, Anton, is depicted by Akira Dorrestijn. That’s a nice story. One day during pre-production, we noticed a ten-year-old playing down by the schoolyard and it was immediately clear that he was Anton. It was Akira. Akira didn’t have any experience in acting – which was scary at first – but we collectively sensed that he was talented. I started to give him weekly trainings, and this lasted for months. It was an amazing experience and Akira did an awesome job.

The film premiered at the Film School’s graduation festival at EYE Film Instituut in July 2014. It’s national premiere was at the Nederlands Filmfestival 2014. Anton aired on Dutch television on September 25, 2014. The film premieres internationally in November as part of the Student Etudes Competition at the Camerimage Film Festival in Poland.

This is the trailer. For the full film (with subtitles), feel free to contact me.